Content Curators

We are content curators, assembling an online and easily accessible archive of resources and tools for mental health education and awareness that is relevant to Trinidad and Tobago.


Local Content Platform

We will also be publishing a local content community platform for mental health awareness and education media created by local content producers.

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Register your mental health service for publishing in our Directory App launching this year. 

Building Sustainable Minds

Connecting the Dots

With our strategic partners we are connecting the dots and recording feedback and insights on observations and experiences these mental health professionals have to share with the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

Current partners include: United Nations, Elder Associates

The Problem

Trinidad and Tobago, much like many other Commonwealth and developing nations, struggles with the failure to accept the importance of mental health in the quality of our lives and the health of our society on multiple economic and socio-cultural levels.
Scarce resources are available for program funding, and overall decision-making power swings back and forth, depending on the subject, between regional health authorities and large regulatory oversight from the Ministry of Health, in a ‘pendulum effect’
These constant shifts in local or national power over healthcare programs make it difficult for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), health workers, and program managers to lobby adequately for changes to improve outcomes in care.
Bahall, 2012
While we wait for reform in the Health Care System, the increasing occurence of mental health crisis and tragedy is cumulating into a growing demand for information and services from the public.
Currently, the knowledge available is scattered amongst a variety of networks and producers instead of ONE hub or portal through which the consumer can match services with their needs.

Our goal is to improve the mental health eco-system with access and resources.

MindWise Project is a registered non profit organization here located in Trinidad and Tobago. 

We are currently executing a two year mental health education project to be executed locally and within the T&T diaspora, 2018-2020. 

This project aims to build a digital eco-system of knowledge sharing– improving access to Mental Health Awareness and Educational Content to the community at large as well as nurturing collaboration and strategic implementation between Mental Health Service Providers and the Stakeholder representatives, resulting in stronger interventions with the public and more sustainable impact overall.

Our mission

Our mission is to foster a sustainable positive impact on the intra and interpersonal, community, and systemic factors of mental health in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our goals are to:

  • Dispel the stigma of Mental Illness
  • Improve community access to quality mental health care
  • Equip society with meaningful and effective ways to cope with mental health issues
  • Expand and enhance mental health resources to both the professional and patient communities
  • Produce reliable and valid data that have measurable impact that is culturally relevant and specific to our local context

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