About Our Initiative

Our Solution

MindWise Project will be leveraging the power of storytelling and digital resources to address this need for increased accessibility, culturally relevant educational content, and the fostering of a network of mental health professionals for improvement in service delivery and strategic and COLLECTIVE action plans.
We are focusing on FIVE major deliverables:

Content Curation

Curation of an archive of local and international educational and storytelling content and research
We are currently executing a Call for Films to curate films on mental health from around the globe, and regionally, with the goal of using the power of film to establush meaningful connections during our outreach.  We have also started the collection of all social media content shared by local producers on our Youtube Platform, to be curated later on in a content sharing platform for all local and regional producers of mental health awareness and educational content.
MindWise will also collect local research into the state of mental health in Trinidad and Tobago, executed by professionals and local and international agencies. Where we find there are gaps in information, we will design and pursue the development and execution of research projects to help fill in these gaps and complete the macro-and micro perspectives of our current status.
We believe that through collecting all this information and content in ONE place, we increase visibility and access, improving the experience for all stakeholders.

EduSeries Video Production

The Production of educational video content featuring our own eduseries, partner microseries, and the online broadcasting and publishing of local training workshops and mental health training /education events advancing the documentation of shared knowledge and ensuring community access to this knowledge.
If you are an NGO or Non Profit, agency or institution executing educational events, or programmes and you would like to be join our list of event producers, please email : info@mindwisett.org

Mental Health Stakeholders Private Forum

The hosting of a Private Mental Health Professional Online Forum, where professionals and agencies can discuss and share their initiatives and resolve factors such as duplication, past issues faced and universal terms and professional tools.
The selection of these stakeholders will start in July 2018, validated through our current partners and engaged stakeholders.
If you would like to be part of this Stakeholder Group, please email us at info@mindwisett.org.

National Mental Health Services Directory

The delivery of a National Mental Health Services Directory- that matches service seekers with service providers that will serve mental health service providers, agencies, institutions, hospitals and the public. There will also be guides and how-tos that educate users about systematic processes, laws and requirements for treatment – helping them visualize the pathway ahead.

Mental Health Journalism Platform

The delivery of a storytelling platform that shares Caribbean first person accounts of events and experiences detailing culturally unique mental health challenges we face every day. This platform will launch in July 2018.

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