Building Sustainable Minds video series

Building Sustainable Minds video series


Building Sustainable Minds is a a joint collaboration between MindWise Project and the United Nations Resident Coordinator’s office, to co-produce a video series targeted to promote mental health awareness in Trinidad and Tobago- examining core factors in our cultural experience that contribute to prevalent mental health conditions and crises, acknowledging the importance of our SDG 3 and the correlation between mental health and sustainable societal well being. 

This series reveals insights into the local landscape of mental health through the experiences of local mental health professionals whose fingers touch the pulse of our reality 
here in Trinidad and Tobago.  These insights will highlight observations and trends mostly unmeasured and undocumented currently, touching on the following topics:

Mental Health in the Workplace – Dr. Natalie Humphrey
Finding Treatment in Trinidad and Tobago – Dr. Gerard Hutchinson
Coping with Grief & Suicide – Dr. Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor
History of Violence | Our Inter-generational Trauma – Stacey Camacho

First episode : Mental Health in the Workplace with Dr. Natalie Humphrey

The Video series was launched at the United Nations office of Trinidad and Tobago in July 2018. New episodes will be coming out in the last quarter of 2020 alongside several other digital initiatives of MindWise Project.